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Emergency Cash Loans

Emergency cash loans, also known as ‘emergency loans’ or ‘crisis loans’ are a vital financial tool when times are tight and unexpected events and expenses pop up. Life is unpredictable and all nature of emergencies can occur throughout the year including vehicle breakdowns, boiler breakdowns, bills, emergency medical expenses and much more. We provide emergency loans, which upon approval, can be in your account in as little as one hour.

Whilst it is usually impossible to prevent these events occurring, it is possible, with the use of emergency crisis loans to resolve the issues quickly and applying for a loan online via our secure application form is easy and straightforward. We allow you to apply for emergency loans of up to £2,500 which can be repaid over as long as 5 years, making repayments that bit easier.

We work with some of the best emergency loan providers in the UK who will be able to help you get the loan you need to tide your finances over.

Apply for emergency loans today online and get yourself back on track.

What is an Emergency Loan?

An emergency loan is a type of short term loan that is specifically designed to help fulfil the specific needs and challenges of those facing financial emergencies. These loans, similar in nature to payday loans can typically provide up to a few thousand Pounds to borrowers within a very short time frame. Typical emergencies which lead to emergency loan applications are pressing, requiring immediate attention to prevent further loss or damage.

By their very nature, these loans should not be used for anything other than emergencies. The general rule with these types of loans is that if the supposed emergency can wait a month or so until your next payday, you should usually wait rather than apply for emergency loans straight away.

However, if something urgent occurs or if perhaps the damage is so serious should the issue remain unresolved, you should consider emergency loans.

When Do I Need an Emergency Loan?

Common types of online emergency loans in the UK include:

  • Emergency car repair loans
  • Emergency boiler repair loans
  • Emergency home repair loans
  • Emergency debt relief loans
  • Emergency travel loans
  • Unexpected medical bills

Most people do not have a large pot of money left by the end of each month, once living costs, expenses, bills and insurance policies are all accounted for. Therefore, if something unexpected, which cannot wait until the next payday occurs, you may fall short of being able to afford to pay out what is required to rectify the problem or damage.

Who Can Apply for Emergency Cash Loans Online?

We allow anyone to apply for an emergency cash loan online through our secure online application form. Although all applications made are considered and we never just rule out an application, there are a number of criteria which emergency lenders in the UK require in order to process you for these loans and which without, you may well exclude yourself from any emergency loans.

To increase your chances of being accepted for an emergency cash loan, you should:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Hold a UK bank account
  • Be a UK resident
  • Have a permanent UK address
  • Be in some form of employment (part time, full time, contractor or otherwise)

What Checks do You Carry Out During my Application?

We understand that many people have a less than perfect credit history and this can be for a variety of reasons. Whether you have a chequered credit past or have everything perfect, lenders of emergency loans in the UK need to carry out a few checks to confirm eligibility for the loan in question. All responsible short term lenders in the UK should be carrying out some form of credit and affordability checks as part of their application process.

These checks are simply done to confirm identities and to ensure affordability. Hence, lenders will almost always carry out credit checks to make sure you are more likely than not to be able to afford the repayments on the loan you are applying for. This helps to reduce the potential risk of you defaulting on the loan which would severely damage and negatively impact your future credit rating.

Can I Get Emergency Cash with a Bad Credit History?

We never exclude applicants purely on the basis of their credit past and previous credit behaviour. We believe that everyone should have the chance to apply for emergency loans should they fall on hard times. We know that many customers will have less than gleaming credit scores and credit history, should they require emergency cash in any form.

We will simply assess your overall affordability, so that should you be accepted, you will be more likely to be able to comfortably repay the loan in question. It is your overall financial situation and practices which matter for the purposes of your application for an emergency loan, rather than what you may or may not have done in the past.

How do Emergency Cash Loan Repayments Work?

Our repayment structure means that your repayments can be flexible. We allow applications for emergency loans in the UK of up to £2,500 over as long as 5 years. The way it works is that you simply apply for the amount of money you need and over how long you wish to repay the loan plus interest. Then, the necessary lenders will conduct their checks and as soon as you are approved the clock is effectively ticking on repayments.

Lenders will agree a repayment schedule with the borrower which will mean payments over the term of the loan. By the end of the term, the entire loan should be repaid in full. Usually, the repayment date each month will be around or just after you receive your wages or salary from your place of employment, to make things as east as possible.

Emergency Loans Vs Bank Overdrafts

For most people, the first port of call when they need additional money and when they fall on difficult financial times is the bank account, namely their arranged or unarranged bank overdraft. Whilst bank overdrafts certainly have their place, they do come with pitfalls and reasons why they should be avoided wherever possible and emergency loans considered.

Particularly in the case of unarranged overdrafts, there will be (often heavy) fees incurred if used. This is because overdrafts are deemed to be ‘deficits’ which in practice shouldn’t really be used if at all possible.

In cases of emergency loans, which will be used to cover urgent expenses, so long as the loan is repaid on time, there are no hidden charges and you are not charged for ‘simply using the loan.’

Apply for Emergency Loans Online

Apply for an emergency loan online by using our easy application form. We are able to provide emergency cash loans within an hour and no guarantor is needed.