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Payday Loans On Weekends

If you need payday loans on the weekend, we work with a number of lenders that have opening hours on Saturdays and Sundays and have weekend staff to help process your applications. Payday Loans Hub works with over 30 lenders in the UK and most of them will operate on the weekends in order to provide a good service to their customers.

We understand that the weekend is a more convenient time for some people, especially with our busy lives, trying to get through the working week and looking after children. Plus, we never know when an emergency is going to happen that will leave us financially stretched and needing to borrow £300 or £500 to get everything back on track.

We are pleased to be working with weekend payday lenders and all you need to do is click on ‘apply now’ where you will be asked to fill in a few details and you will be matched with the lender most likely to accept your application and service your loan on the weekend. There are no upfront fees for applying and your information will be held safely and securely. If successful, your loan can be funded within 1 hour of approval or on the same day.

Do payday lenders work on weekends?

Yes, there are a number of lenders that work on the weekends to assist customers looking to borrow money. Working with some of the most established payday and short term lenders in the UK, some of our partners companies will have hundreds of staff and they are ready to assist with your enquiry and application.

Some offer payday loan alternatives which are designed to be automated and can provide funds without human interaction. This includes credit overdrafts and other loan alternatives.

Sometimes they will work slightly shorter days on a Saturday such as 10am to 3pm, but this is still sufficient to process any loan applications and still transfer funds on the same day. So if you are looking for payday loans on weekends, you have nothing to lose and can still apply online today.

Maximise your chances of getting a weekend payday loan

Since you may have a smaller timeframe on the weekend, there are some things you can do to speed up your application and increase your chances of being funded on a Saturday or Sunday.

Meet the criteria: Payday lenders typically have a set criteria to be eligible to apply. This includes being over 18, a UK resident, in employment, active debit account and no history of CCJs or bankruptcy. Fulfilling this initial criteria means that we are off to a good start, since there is no value in applying when you do not meet the initial criteria.

Lenders will usually carry out further checks such as checking your credit rating and running some affordability metrics to confirm how much you wish to borrow. But the more you suit the initial criteria, the better, and having a solid income from your work and a credit rating that is better than average can only help your application.

Get all the information together: In the event that lenders need to carry out additional checks, you can be fully prepared. This includes being available and next to your phone after you have made an application – in case the lender needs to call you and ask some follow up questions. So there is no need to apply and then go off to the shops or the gym – stay by your phone will speed things along.

You can also get a copy of your recent payslip and bank statement on hand, in case you need to send this to the lender as proof of your income and employment. This could be in the form of a screenshot or PDF that can easily be emailed to the lender.

Being a repeat customer: Being a customer that has already repaid a loan or two in the past, on time, will also help fast-track you loan on the weekend. This is because you would have already proven your success as a customer and have build up a report with the lender – allowing you to bypass some checks. However, as per FCA regulation, the lender needs to ensure that your financial situation has not worsened over time, so they may carry out additional credit or affordability checks. But certainly being a repeat customer can move your application along quicker.

How soon can I receive funds from Payday Loans Hub?

Successful applications can be funded within 1 hour and money is sent to your debit account in one lump sum. This assumes that you have passed all the relevant checks and can afford to repay your loan. In the event that your loan cannot be completed on the weekend, the lender will be able to issue it first thing on Monday morning.

How to apply for weekend payday loans

Payday Loans Hub offers a free and impartial way to apply for payday loans on the weekend. Our online application takes less than 5 minutes to be completed and you will be asked to submit a few basic details about yourself, your resident, income, expenses and bank details so we know where to send the funds.

Your application will be put through our system which will match you with the lender most likely to accept your application based on the amount you have requested to borrow, how long for and your credit score.

There are no upfront fees for applying through our website, since we only take a fee from the lender if your application is successful. This keeps our site free and always will be. Your details are held safely and securely on our website and we ensure that your details will not be based onto third parties without your consent, so you have peace of mind knowing that you will not be sent unnecessary text messages, emails or phone calls.

Simply apply online today and we will match you with a lender and help you get the funds you need as soon as possible.